Furusato Taiken Mura ふるさと体験村

Do you prefer rural life to living in cities? Recently, more and more people enjoy spending vacations in local areas. In Shimane, especially in the Iwami region, there are good places to undergo a valuable experience. Yasaka is located in the mountains about 30 minutes from central Hamada. Yasaka is a very rural community, with no high-rise apartment buildings or stations.

Most visitors to Yasaka enjoy some special experiences in “Yasaka Furusato Taiken Mura.” You can have fun enjoying these unusual activities.

Four of these are weaving, making buckwheat noodles, dyeing, and making rice cakes. To get detailed information, please refer to each topic on this blog.

 As mentioned above, this area is in the countryside, encircled by the mountains where edible wild plants grow in the spring. Thanks to an uncontaminated river, fireflies glow around Yasaka in the summer months. Mushroom gathering and maple-tree viewing is available in the autumn. People also enjoy winter sports, like skiing and sleighing, because Yasaka has heavy snows in winter.

If you have some free time and are interested in rural districts, Yasaka also has other interesting sites, such as a big waterwheel which is made of wood, a fishing pond and old Japanese houses over 100-years-old. You may be momentarily under the illusion that you are back in the 19th century. Beautiful scenery will heal your physical and mental fatigue.



Tel: 0855-48-2612



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