Kamuri & Koraku Ichi (香夢里 & 幸楽市)

Kamuri (香夢里) is the first restaurant  you will see at Koboku no Mori. It is located at the top of the hill and be able to enjoy the view from the restaurant which surrounded by green.

(this is the view from restaurant)

Lunch costs from 600 yen to 1500 yen for dishes such as vegetable pilaf, spaghetti set, soba or udon noodles. The menu includes about 30 dishes. Also,cake set, herb tea with some cookies, lavender soft ice cream are available.


Café kamuri (カフェ香夢里)

Address: 〒696-0103 8529-8 Yakami, Onan Cho, Ochi Gun, Shimane

Tel: 0855-95-0069 (Japanese only)

Fax: 0855-95-0069

Time: 10am – 5pm

Close: Tuesday, Wednesday (the second tuesday is opening)

http://www.mizuho-style.com/ko-boku/cafe.html (Japanese only)

Kouraku Ichi(香楽市).

Koraku Ichi is a direct sales store which specializes in fresh vegetables, flowers, processed agricultural product like Ohagi, fluits jam and Sushi.

It's located near Kamuri and opens only on weekends and holidays. Their products, especially vegetables are fresh and really cheap. That’s why people come  all the way here to buy fresh vegetables from Hiroshima.

Sales persons are really friendly. There is also self-service tea. People use to gather at this store. You can meet local people and hear interesting stories about Iwami region.

Koraku Ichi (幸楽市)

Adress: 〒696-0102 1377-5 Nakano, Onan Cho, Onan Gun, Shimane Network Iwami Representatives, Keiko Teramoto

TEL: 0855-95-0372

FAX: 0855-95-0500

Kaori Y


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