Eating in Iwami Ginzan

Restaurants and restrooms

There are some good restaurants and few restrooms in this area.

Café Nobosemon

This café is near Kawashimake, the old samurai residence. The curry and rice is the best-selling dish, especially curry and rice with pickled Japanese plum. There are a lot of unique meals in this café, like umeboshi curry and rice or radish juice!! The set meal costs 750yen. Also, folk art objects or eating utensils are sold. The shop holidays are irregular. This café keeps blog.


Shimane prefecture, Oda city, Omori-cho Ha-115

TEL: 0854-89-0550

Hours of opening: 10:00~16:00 (Japanese only, but you can see photographs.)

Restaurant Ōmori

This Japanese-style restaurant is near the Iwami Silvermine museum. It is located by the river and car park. It is near “Ōmori daikansho ato” bus stop. We can have popular Japanese cuisine like soba or rice bowl dishes. All dishes are not so cheap. I had zenzai (red bean soup. it’s very sweet) for snack. It was very tasty. The restaurant opens from 9a.m. to 5p.m. everyday. You can also buy souvenirs at this restaurant.


Shimane prefecture, Oda city, Omori-cho Ha-44-1

TEL: 0854-89-0106, FAX: 0854-89-0137

Hours of opening: 9:00~17:00, every day of the year


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