Arifuku Hot Springs

Arifuku Onsen has a history of more than 1300 years. The water is said to be good for your skin. It’s a nice place for an afternoon out. Wander around the retro streets; enjoy coffee or lunch at Arifuku cafe,  and soak in a hot spring. In Arifuku, you can enjoy not only a public hot spring but also a private hot springs, if you want to have a relaxing time with your friends or family.

~Arifuku café~
TEL:0855-56-0070 (Japanese only)
Website –
Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Last entry 9 p.m.)

The private hot springs shown below are very popular so booking is recommended.

How to book.
1. Choose the type of hot spring.
2. Buy things which you need, like a towel or a drink.
3: Pay before you go into the bath.
4. The staff set the timer, then you are taken to the bath.
5. After you get out of a bath, you should get ready before your time is up, and remember to return their hair drier. If you overstay the time limit, you’ll have to pay for extended time.

You can choose from six types all with different designs.
・Ebisu(恵比寿) & Daikokuten(大黒天) 1,500yen ~ 2,500yen
・Bisyamonten(毘沙門天) & Benzaiten(弁財天) 2,000yen ~ 3,000yen
・Fukurokuzyu(福禄寿) (Wide size and with bath room) & Zyurouzin (寿老人) (Perfect outdoor bath) 2,500yen ~ 3,500yen
・Hotei(布袋) (This is the outdoor bath of hotel “Higuchi”) 3,000yen~ 4,000yen

TEL:0855-56-3353 (Japanese only)
“Gozenyu” also has a private hot spring for families or friends to enjoy. It’s the grey brick building shown above. There is a classic counter “Bandai” at the main entrance.

Entering the spring costs 1000 yen an hour and  it opens from 7 a.m. to 9: 30 p.m. The water temperature ranges from 42 degrees C to 45 degrees C. This hot water is  colorless and odorless. This place has a tatami room on the second floor which you can use freely after you bath.

Tomoharu. I


One Response to Arifuku Hot Springs

  1. Mathew says:

    We went to Gozenyu yesterday and rented the private bath for 1 hour. It was so nice! The water left our skin silky smooth. I highly recommend it!

    Thanks for sharing this information here! 🙂

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