Main street

One of the big characteristics of Omori is beautiful Japanese-old landscape. On the main street of Omori you can see a lot of ideas to protect their landscapes. For example, vending machines are covered with the wood. In Omori a lot of houses and buildings are wooden. So if the color of vending machine were red, it would be prominent and spoil the landscape of this street. The building of Sanin-godo bank is made of wood too. So you can’t recognize it as a bank because it doesn’t have a sign. The sign of the police box is also made by wood. It’s cute.

But there are some problems. First one is there are few traffic signs. It’s difficult for stranger to find their destinations. Moreover there are few signs of English. Some of traffic signs are written in English but at the most of the restaurants they don’t have the explanation of their dishes in English, so it must be difficult for oversea visitors to order dishes without searching. But if you research well about Omori in advance, you can enjoy your trip more and find well preserved Japanese-old style houses and buildings. And it is one of good way to order volunteer English guides beforehand.

Iwami Ginzan Volunteer Tour Guide

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