Iwami Yaki

Iwami Pottery (石見焼)

Iwami-yaki is a traditional style of pottery  which has been produced in Iwami region since 1763. At that time, there was no running water so people needed big water storage tanks like the one above,. Iwami-yaki was often used to make those tanks.

In recent years, Iwami-yaki has become well-known and many rice bowls, cups and other plates are made by Iwami-yaki .

There are several ceramic studios in Gotsu where you can actually experience pottery-making.

Sekishu-shimadagama (石州嶋田窯)

Sekishu-shimadagama is one of the placees where we can experience Iwami-Yaki. You can experience not only the traditional style of pottery but also you can buy  umbrella stands, clocks and so on.

〈Tel〉0855-55-1337 (Japanese only)

〈Address〉1315 Ushiroji-chou, Goutsu city, Shimane(島根県江津市後地町1315)

〈Reservation〉prior reservation necessary / groups of five or more

〈Price〉2,000 yen


This is also a place where we can make pottery. You can make small things like cups, plates and rice bowls.

〈Tel〉           0855-53-4538 (Japanese only)

〈Address〉                767-2 Hasu chou, Goutsu city, Shimane

10 minutes walk from Hasu station

〈Business hour 〉     9:00am~6:00pm ( reception is until 4:00pm )

Closed: Monday, Tuesday, From January to March

〈Reservation〉          prior reservation required

〈Price〉                      1,500 yen

〈Parking〉                 25 spaces are available



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