Musse de Morijuku

When you see this museum for the first time, you might not notice it’s a museum because it has no sign.  Actually it was a house. In this museum you can see a lot of the pictures of Sho Nakao and Maya Yoshiura. They are illustrator of children books and they are a couple and Mr. Nakao is from Tsuwano. You can also see Goya’s print of bullfighting, pottery, drawers for medicine and so on.

The building is also nice. It was used as a sake cellar and the Yae family lived there in the 17th century. They engaged in politics of Tsuwano very much and they did really good job. Some times this house was endangered by great fire but only this house was saved. Though this house was rebuilt because it became old, it retained its style. Big trees are used as beams and it has high ceiling. On upstairs it has special small windows, one is to get more light from other room and the other is to look down situations of downstairs. It must have been convenient for the manager of the sake cellar to check the condition of the cellar and order staffs. Some shutters have holes because it’s old, and these holes work as projector and shoji become screens. So we can see beautiful garden by the pinhole camera in the darkroom. It’s very interesting.

 Garden of this museum is also good. We can see beautiful colored leaves in Fall. We can see also good view from the window. For example, Taikodani inari shrine, other mountains, and so on.

There are more interesting things to know. If you ask some explanation for clerk, they will tell you politely. But it might be in Japanese.


Musse de Motijuku

Address: i542, Oazamori-mura (Village), Tsuwano-cho (city), Kanoashi-gun (county), Shimane

 Tell: 08567-2-3200

Time: 9:00~17:00

Entrance fee: adult 500 yen, high school and junior high school student 300 yen, student discount -100 yen

notes: It takes about 12 minutes from Tsuwano station on foot. There are parking lot too.


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