Around the area in front of Hamada station, there are some nice bars. Bar SAKURA has been one of the coolest place to have dinner in Hamada since 1992. The atmosphere of this bar is very warm and comfortable, with interesting Asian style interiors. Fresh nodoguro (Rosy seabass) which is famous in Hamada City is always available in this bar. The bar is subdivided into little rooms separated by sliding paper doors or traditional cloth. It’s famous for one-pot cooking in Winter, where you cook vegetables and meat at your own table in an earthenware pot.
This bar is in a good location. It only takes a few minutes on foot from the station. If you come out of the station, walk by the Orochi clock and go straight up the road with a large kagura banner hanging overhead. Take the first left at the corner of a small department store, Iwataya. (The kanji for Iwataya is 岩田屋. ) Sakura is a few stores along. The sign is written in English. You’ll pass by a nice okonomiyaki place and another cool bar called Taisho Club.
・Boil with soy sauce
・Broil with salt
・SAKURA Salad 600 yen
・Spinach & Bacon Salad 600 yen
・Caesar Salad 600 yen
à la carte dish
・Akaten (fried fish paste cake with red peppers) 300 yen
・Octopuses & wasabi 300 yen
・Edamame (green soy beans) 300 yen
・Octopus dumplings 350 yen
・Chilled tofu 350 yen
・Hot tofu 350 yen
・Fried tofu 380 yen
・Fried potato 350 yen
・Chilled tomato 380 yen
・Okra with sesame sauce 480 yen
・Garlic toast 180 yen
・Croquette 400 yen
・Broiled pig innards with gochujang 600 yen
・Stewed pig innards 680 yen
・Fried gristle 450 yen
・Fried gizzards 480 yen
・Fried prawns 530 yen
・Fried oysters 500 yen
・Fried Camembert cheese 700 yen
・Fried squid tentacles 450 yen
・Vietnamese fresh spring roll 580 yen
・Grilled potato & corn with butter 500 yen
・Sausage wrapped with bacon 360 yen
・Coarsely ground sausage 630 yen
・Horse mackerel & vegetable in marinade 700 yen
Meat dish
・Fried Chicken 580 yen
・Grilled chicken with garlic 580 yen
・Grilled gizzards with garlic 580 yen
・Grilled chicken with olive oil 580 yen
・Grilled chicken with Balsamic vinegar 630 yen
・Grilled fatty pork with soy sauce, sake, and garlic 630 yen
Pot dish
・Crab Jjigae for one person, 1,500 yen *winter menu
・Pork & burdock for two, 1,680 yen/ for three, 2520 yen
・Boiled tofu 980 yen *winter menu
・Spaghetti with salted cod roe sauce 650 yen
・Peperoncino 650 yen
・Cheese pizza 780 yen
・Rice ball 300 yen
・Rice with tea and ume 500 yen
・Rice with tea and salmon 600 yen
・Rice with tea and salted cod roe 600 yen
・Rice porridge 600 yen
・Coffee 350 yen
・Tea 350 yen
・Caramel ice cream 380 yen
・Vanilla ice cream 380 yen
・Black sesame ice cream 400 yen

Address: 86-25 Asai Cho, Hamada City, Shimane, Japan
Tel: 0855 22 4654
Business hours: 17:30~24:00 (Last Orders 23:30)
Closed: Sunday

by Kaori


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