Restaurant Kame

お食事処 亀

In Kokubu Cho Hamada City, there is a restaurant called Restaurant Kame.
The restaurant was introduced by りびえーる, a free tabloid that is read by many housewives in the Sanin region.

It is located in the heart of a mountain. From Gotsu City, there is a seaside park on the right. Head towards that direction until you see a signboard that says 夕日丘. Go to that narrow road from Route 9 and go straight for about 2 minutes. There will be another signboard that says お食事処 亀. The restaurant will be on the left side of the signboard.

They serve most of their lunch combos for about 700 yen.

They also have a special menu which is part of the Hamagochi project.

天ぷら定食(tempra set)

Restaurant Kame

418-5 Kokubu Cho, Hamada City, Shimane




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