Hotel Matsuo

Hotel Matsuo offers traditional Japanese dishes, using Hamada’s local ingredients.

You can enjoy Japanese traditional meals made with Hamada’s local fresh ingredients.

Not only fresh fish, but also rice, soy sauce, and other seasonings are local products.

¥2800 menu is “石見神楽ふるまい膳” or  “Iwami Kagura Entertainment Meal.” It is a full course meal,  using fish and vegetables in season.

¥1400 menu is “石見神楽ふるまい弁当” or “Iwami Kagura Entertainment Bento Box.”

Both are available for lunch and dinner without reservation.

If you are visiting Hamada , looking for accommodation and a  restaurant where you can enjoy local delicacies, why don’t you  try Hotel Matsuo?


Hotel Matsuo Restaurant Miyabi  (7F) ホテル松尾 レストラン雅

Address: 4185 Kurokawacho Hamada Shimane 697-0024

(〒697-0024 島根県浜田市黒川町4185)

Tel: 0855-22-2520 / Fax: 0855-22-2521

Open: 7:00~9:00 / 11:30~14:00 / 17:00~21:00

Open throughout the year

30 seats, parking spaces (City parking lot)

Directions: after leaving Hamada station, walk  past the little police station (koban). You’ll see a Coco convenience store. You can either nip through here or veer to the left and take the first right to come out in front of Coco store. Hotel Matsuo is across from Coco store. You’ll see the characters for ‘matsu’ 松(pine tree) and ‘o’ 尾 (for tail). Take the elevator to the 7th floor for the restaurant. We’re not sure if they speak English but if you point to the Hamagochi menu, you should get food like the dishes on our page!


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