Saranoki in Tsuwano

is a building with white walls and brown roof tiles. There are a souvenir shop, restaurant, café and an “experience” room. In a Japanese-style room of a restaurant called “Syouintei”, you can enjoy local specialties of Tsuwano while enjoying seeing a Japanese garden. The dishes are expensive but if you want to try Tsuwano’s local food at a lower price, you can eat them at Saranoki-Chaya. You can also try dishes of the season in Tsuwano or Iwami Ginzan by buying a Bento (box lunch) at Saranoki-Chaya (1,050 yen). In Saranoki-Honkan, you can drink coffee in a relaxing space and also buy souvenirs such as a sheet of handmade Japanese paper and Genjimaki, a Tsuwano’s famous cake. If you have time, you can try to make Japanese paper and Japanese-paper dolls at the “experience” room in San’in Bussankan (525 yen/ 30 minutes).



* Saranoki-Honkan (沙羅の木―本館)

*Saranoki-Chaya (沙羅の木―茶屋)

*Syouintei (松韻亭)

*San’in Bussankan (山陰物産館)


Saranoki (沙羅の木)

TEL: 0856-72-1661 FAX: 0856-72-0372

ADRESS: Tonomachi Tsuwano(津和野町殿町)

URL: (Japanese)





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