Ikouji Temple and Sesshu Garden

Along the route 191, there is an old temple has a tasteful Japanese garden. The temple is called Ikouji and it was originally built in 1363. Today’s main hall of the temple was reconstructed after a big fire in 1729. The main gate of this temple is specified as cultural asset by Shimane prefecture.

“Sesshu garden”

In Ikouji Temple, there is a beautiful garden designed by Japanese famous painter of ink wash painting, Sesshu (1420~1506). The garden is noted for a Japanese hiatrical site and a place of scenic beauty. The garden is so beautiful in whole year.

March: Weeping cherry tree

May: Azalea

Summer: Green leaves

Fall: Colored maple leaves

Winter: The garden looks like Sesshu’s ink wash painting on a snow day.

====================== Ikouji ======================

Address: 4-29 Somebacho Masuda Shimane

Tel: 0856-22-1668

Open: 8:30~17:00

Admission fee:

Adults ——————- 500 yen

High school students —- 300 yen

Children —————- Free

Parking lot:

Four busses

20 cars


From JR Masuda station: Take a bus goes to Ikouji temple (医光寺) offered by Iwami Kotsu and get off at Ikouji (医光寺) bus stop.




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