Access / How to get to Tsuwano

Tsuwano (津和野町, Tsuwano-cho) is located in the west of Shimane prefecture. This town’s population is 8,878 (2003 estimate). It is about 200 kilometres from Tsuwano to Matsue, the prefectural capital of Shimane. It is geographically closer to Yamaguchi prefecture.


You can get to Tsuwano by JR West’s Yamaguchi Line or San-in Line. It takes about an hour at least from Shin-Yamaguchi, the nearest Shinkansen station (bullet train). From the other direction, it takes 30 minutes from Masuda by express train. The express train is only 10 minutes faster than the local train.

In addition, Tsuwano station is the terminal station of SL-Tsuwano gō (steam train). It costs 1,620yen from Shin-Yamaguchi to Tsuwano. You have to book your seat in advance.

See also: Tsuwano station’s time table, SL-Tsuwano gō official site (Japanese only)


There are daily direct buses to Tsuwano from Hagi. It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes.

All buses stop at the Tsuwano bus centre. There are also overnight buses to Tsuwano from Tokyo and Osaka. The heart of the old samurai district, Tonomachi is a few minutes’ walk away from the bus centre.


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