Souvenirs from Arifuku

Shimane prefecture is famous for a sake brewing company called Nihonkai (日本海酒造). Gotsu city too has a brewing company named Miyakonishiki (都錦酒造). This company makes local sake, and is especially famous for rose-favoured sake and peony-flavoured sake, which are made from distilled spirit and petals.

If sake isn’t your thing, you can buy Zentaro-mochi (善太郎餅) at Café Zentaro-mochi shop. (10 pieces of mochi  for 800 yen! Bargain!) The most unique thing which you can buy in this area is Arifuku candy (有福飴). This candy is sold in only this area. The candy looks like a bar of chocolate, so you break it off when you eat it. It is hard, and stays in your mouth for a long time. You can buy this candy at Store-Ochiai (落合商店) next to the central car park.


Address: 1415 Kakushi Gotsu

Tel: 0855-52-2129 Fax: 0855-52-1599 (Japanese only)


– Café Zentaro-mochi shop –

Open: 8:00~21:00

Address: 737-1 Arifukuonsenmachi Gotsu Shimane

Tel: 0855-56-2130 (Japanese only)


Open: 8:00~21:00

Tel: 0855-56-2215 (Japanese only)

(written by Natsuki)


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