Kawashima samurai residence

The old samurai residence ~旧河島家 武家屋敷~
You can go there at 3 minutes on foot from Shinmachi bus stop. This is the old samurai residence which is open to public in this area. It was burned down in a great fire in 1800. After that, it was rebuilt and extended in 1825. This house is in a beautiful part of the town and there is rich nature around it.

The houses of high class people like those of the Kawashima Residence have a gate, wall and garden. That is the Differences between high class homes and ordinary people’s homes.

Thank to electric lights, inside of house are bright today. But, in the 1800s, we might well have to use candle. There are just things to live in the house. It’s really simple life style. The old Japanese houses like that were made of wood. So, you should be able to spend relaxed time. We can visit there from 9:00 to 16:30! Admission fee is 200 yen. If you want to get detailed information, please make a call to 0854-89-0932! (Japanese only)


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