Kanagi Western Riding Park

Kanagi Western Riding Park     The かなぎ Co., Inc.

1390-8 Kusa-I, kanagi town, Hamada city, Shimane prefecture, JAPAN

Tel: (0855) 42 – 2222     Fax: (0855) 42 – 2255

Web:  http://www.web-sanin.jp/co/kwrp/      Mail:  Kwrp-qh@web-sanin.co.jp

A long time ago, people loved horses. Horses have enough power to carry people and daily goods, so they proved useful to everyone. Samurai trained their horses to prepare for battles. However, samurai no longer exist. Most people enjoy riding for the sports  of polo and or horse racing now. It is very rare for most Japanese to touch those lovely animals.

If you could enjoy horse riding, wouldn’t you want to ? Kanagi western riding park will grant your request. It is a huge park on some very large land at a ranch.

Even if it rains, visitors are able to enjoy horseback riding with cute horses. Thanks to the indoor gym, we don’t get wet. About 30 horses are in a horse barn which is located on the north side of a playground. Not only horses but also other animals, such as dogs, goats and rabbits, are kept here.

There is a white, western style house beside the playground, and a registration desk attached to the restaurant. やきにく(grilled slices of meat) and しゃぶしゃぶ(boiled slices of pork) are served here. At this restaurant you can eat as much as you like for 2450 yen in 90 minutes.

Come and enjoy this western style farm.  But, be aware that the park is closed on Wednesdays.

●Horse riding ・Clubhouse

Open: 10 am – 9 pm

Closed: Every Wednesday


Check in: 4 pm – 7 pm     Check out: until 10 am

Dinner: until 9 pm       Breakfast: 7 am – 8:30 am

—– Access —–

2 hours drive from Hiroshima IC

20 minutes drive from Hamada

10 minutes drive from Asahi IC


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