La Nana


La Nana is one of the best cake shops in Hamada. It’s near Hamada Interchange. The shop is decorated very nicely. They provide different kinds of cakes, such as cheese soufflé, raspberry rare cheesecake, fruit tarts, marron pie, puddings, and cute cookies.

You can also order birthday and celebration cakes here, even by phone. What’s more, they provide  special candles for birthdays and a few presents, including cups, towels, handkerchieves, etc… If you don’t have time to buy a present, you might find an appropriate gift here.

There’s also a tea room, so you can enjoy afternoon tea time in La Nana with friends. They sell hot coffee, iced-tea, juice and chocolate parfait, ice-cream from 11:00am~17:00pm.

The cake shop is a little bit hard to find. So I recommend you find the supermarket City Parc first. Then go out from the back door of the supermarket, and turn right. Walk for 5 minutes  and you should see  a big crossroad. La Nana is on this road, Route 186.

Shop Information

Open time: 9:00am~18:30pm

Closed every Sunday

Address: 3852 Aioicho(相生町) Hamada City, Shimane



Tel: 0855-22-1844 (Japanese only)

(Reviewed by Etsu)







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