Hataoka( Vietnamese restaurant )

If you want to try Vietnamese dishes in Hamada, you should go to Hataoka. It’s close to Hamada station. You can see Bakery Miro from the station and Hataoka is across from the bakery. Hataoka is quite a small restaurant so it can be difficult to find without directions. Please find this sign.

Although it’s small, the atmosphere in the restaurant is very familiar and cozy. Also the dishes are great. You can enjoy genuine Vietnamese dishes which are prepared by the head cook, who happens to be Laotian. If you make a reservation two days in advance, you can enjoy a set meal of Vietnamese dishes for 3000 yen. This course starts with raw spring rolls, which contain shrimp noodles, and various herbs. Then you can try fried ground shrimp with sugar cane with hot sauce. Next is a hot pot course, featuring shrimp, vegetables and various herbs. The main courses include fried spring rolls, fried soft-shell crab and chicken Pho. Lastly, you can enjoy dessert by trying some coconut ice cream and sweet potato ice cream.

Among the many Vietnamese dishes that can be ordered and enjoyed without a reservation, coconut curry and rice is perhaps the most popular at this restaurant. It’s 750 yen. There is a special course of coconut curry and rice for 1400 yen that is part of the local Hamagochi promotion. This special course requires a 5-day advance reservation so local products and ingredients can be used to make it. In addition to the coconut curry and rice (which is grown in Yasaka), this course includes a locally-grown  vegetable salad with sesame chips, famous in Vietnamese cooking, and fried spring rolls and coconut ice cream.

There is also take out service for coconut curry.

Address: 93-16, Asai, Hamada

Tell: 0855-22-1812 ( Japanese only)

Business time: 5 pm~ 11 pm (You can also phone and arrange lunch in the afternoon.)

Closed on Sundays

No parking lot.



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