Hot spring in Kanagi city

There are many hot springs in Shimane prefecture.

Here I will introduce two hot spring resorts.

Kintanosato (きんたの里)



〒697-0123  イ980 street 1 Kanagi town, Hamada city, Shimane Prefecture.

It is located within easy distance of Hamada city.

You can go there in about 15 to 20 minutes from Hamada city on route 9 by car.

It opens from 10 a.m. to 10p.m.

There is some information about food or service at the entrance. You can buy a ticket for the hot spring at the front door. It costs 600 yen for high school students and older. Elementary school children and small children is 250 yen. Infants are free.

There some spaces to sit and relax near the front door. You can buy some drinks such as milk and coffee milk and you can drink water for free. If you need one, you can borrow towel. You can also use a space which has massage chairs.

Along the way to the bathroom, some pictures and autograph of famous people in Japan are hung on the wall. This way faces onto a central courtyard, so you can enjoy the view from there. The building is beautiful and clean. There is also a ‘aroma steam sauna’ .

Sometimes you can enjoy a special hot spring!!

This hot spring contains ‘radon’. It is said that radon forestalls aging and adds years to life.

This attraction provides special hot spa bath month by month. If you visit here, you can enjoy to take a unique bath.

Mimata Hot Spring (Japanese) (Japanese)

〒697-0301 島根県浜田市金城町美又温泉


TEL/FAX: 0855-42-1686

It is located about 28 kilometers from Hamada station

You can go there in about 30 to 40 minutes through Hamada express way by car.

This hot spring resort is known as a bath of beauty. This hot spring started in 1864.

Long ago, It is said that a peddler who sold fish took a bath to wash or warm their legs and their legs were healed when they got to Hiroshima.The quality of water is described as the best in Japan. If you take this bath once, you will never forget it.

This water makes your skin silky. It has a good reputation especially among women. 美又温泉国民保養センター has a domed hot spring bath. This hot spring bath reopened on April in 2008, so it is a really good facility for not only taking a bath but also for having a banquet and staying.

You can enjoy any seasons. In summer you can enjoy seeing fire flies and colored leaves in autumn. You can ski in winter and you can enjoy seeing cherry blossom and azaleas the prefectural flower of Shimane. This spring quality is alkaline, clear and colorless. It is good for neuralgic, rheumatism, and skin.

When the company of cosmetic item in Hiroshima was studying to develop new item, they found this hot spring and loved it. There are various items and you can also get them on the internet.

Open and close: 9:00~20:30 (Last entry 19:30)

Older than elementary school 500yen 

Elementary school & older than 5 years 250yen

Coupon-(Adult) 5000yen(12 times)

Private Family bath

Open 9:00~18:00

One hour 2500 yen (Less than 30 minutes 1500 yen)

Guest : One hour 1500 yen (Less than 30 minutes 1000 yen)

Tomoharu. I

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