dodo_ichi ( ice cream)

Earl Grey, Strawberry Cheesecake, cocoa.  There are just some of the flavors you can enjoy at dodo_ichi, an ice-cream shop inside a lovely garden in Gotsu.

Ms. Onishi has been running this delicious shop since June 11, 2011.  She sells ice-cream in  monaka, a kind of Japanese wafer.  Some ice-cream sold in her shop are safe for people who have allergies (eg. egg, milk.)  Additionally, she takes great care for ingredients.  She goes to  farms in Shimane to get ingredients for ice-cream.  For example, Japanese plums, honey, melons, and so on.  She plans to make new flavors of ice-creams using these ingredients.

It is not only an ice-cream shop, but also a venue for special events such as a cooking classes.  She invites cooking teachers and holds a macrobiotic diet cooking class once a month.  Macrobiotic diet is based on healthy food which is made from vegetables or grains.  In the Macrobiotic diet, there is no meat or fish.  Another event is an English communication café.  She invites some native English speakers to have a chat over coffee or tea.

If you have chance to go to Gotsu, I really recommend you to go there.

Open—Thursday, Friday and Saturday

address—2370-5 Kakushi-Cho Gotsu Shimane

It’s kind of difficult to find so it’s best to ask someone.

(By Natsuki)


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