Fureai Gym Kanagi

Kanagi is little bit far from center of Hamada city. In this area you can see it remained rich forest and nature. It makes you relax and refresh, and you can enjoy lots of experiences to do dairy, harvest some fruits, enjoy hiking and so on. And this is a great environment for having excise with your friends, family and so on. This Gym is the biggest Gym in Shimane prefecture.

They have A arena, B arena, traning room, all purpose square and tennis court.

A arena is 888m2 (37m × 24m) and they also have air conditioning, lightning and sound. So you can use this gym for some ceremonies, meeting, lectures, concert and so on. They have 500 chairs, 20 tables, floor sheets, tatami style floor sheets, 100 panels for exhibition, 4 tents at most. Of course you can use this arena for spots. You can enjoy basketball, volley ball, soft tennis, badminton table tennis. If you don’t have racket, you don’t have to worry about that! You can borrow some rackets for tennis, badminton, table tennis and so on.

B arena is bigger than A arena, 1,869.5m2 (50×36.39). And they have 640 seats for spectators one the second floor and changing room with 2 shower rooms. In addition to sports mentioned before, you can play futsal and trampoline. Of course you can borrow Electric Bulletin boards (2), score boards (8), chairs for judge (5), fences for table tennis (60), big soft mats (4), mats (10) and floor sheets.

Out side the arena, they have all purpose square and tennis courts. You can play baseball, softball ground golf and so on. And there are four tennis courts and two futsal courts, two gate ball courts.

You can enjoy lots of sports in Fureai Gym Kanagi!

If you want to use this Gym, you need to make an appointment. At first, please go into the HP of this Gym. Next please check the place you want to use is available on the time you want to use. After that please inform the Gym when and which facility you want to use. And print out and fill the appointment sheet. Sent it by fax or suubmit it by the time you use.

Downroad this form from here: http://hamadafsc.p1.bindsite.jp/kanagi/_userdata/kanagi.PDF

Fureai (contact) Gym Kanagi

Adress : I 982, Shitijo, Kanagi town, Hamada city, Shimane

Phone number : 0855-42-1238

Business time : 9:00~21:00

Holiday : every Mondays and the end of the year and the new year

Fee : 500 yen~

all purpose square : 500 yen per an hour for one group

A arena : 1,000 yen for an hour

B arena : 2,000 yen for an hour

Check this page about fee: http://hamadafsc.p1.bindsite.jp/kanagi/_userdata/price.PDF

HP: http://hamadafsc.p1.bindsite.jp/kanagi/shisetu.html


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