To get to Arifuku Onsen, which is near Hamada City in Shimane Prefecture, please follow the instructions below:
By Car
From: Hiroshima:
Please see map above.
Hamada City is located on the Sea of Japan coast in the middle of Shimane Prefecture, about two hours by car from Izumo City and about 45 minutes by car from Masuda City.
Arifuku Onsen town is a small town, and you can see around quickly, but streets, houses and shops are very old, so you’ll enjoy old Japanese style.

Destination/Departure Road Distance Time Cost
Hiroshima I.C Sanyo Expressway 7.5km 6min
Hiroshima JCT Hiroshima Expressway 17.2km 13min
Hiroshima Kita JCT Chugoku Expressway 12.1km 10min From Hiroshima I.C
Chiyoda JCT Hamada Expressway 55.3km 42min to Hamada I.C : 2,650yen
Hamada JCT Gotsu Expressway 3.4km 4min
Hamada Higashi I.C Prefectural road 6km 15min
Arifuku Onsen
Total 101.5km 90 min 2,650yen

*Avoid using Prefectural road 51 from Asahi I.C.: the road is narrow and dangerous.
Instead please get off the highway at  Hamada Higashi I.C. If you do get off at the Asahi I.C, please drive on the Naga Greenline road.
*There is a free parking lot for about 20 cars in Arifuku Onsen town.
You should use your hotel’s parking lot if you are staying overnight.
Available Time: 7am-9:30pm
By Bus
l  To: Arifuku Onsen
From: Hamada Higashi I.C.
You can catch a bus to Arifuku from Hiroshima Shinkansenguchi and Hamada Station.
It takes about 158 minutes from Hiroshima.
Get off when you see the sign below.

Destination/Departure Road Time Cost
Hiroshima Station Shinkansenguchi JR BUS/Hiroshima Dentetsu BUS 128min 2,950yen
Hamada Station Iwami Kotsu BUS Arifuku Line 30min 640yen
Arifuku Onsen
Total 158min 3,590yen

By Train

Destination/Departure Time
JR Hiroshima Station 150min
Hamada station

l  From “JR Hiroshima”
From Hamada station, it takes 25 minutes by car, or 30 minutes by bus.
From “Hiroshima Shinkansenguchi”.
It takes about 100 minutes by car.

by Kaori


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