Maruco & Isseiro

MARUCO (マルコ) is an Italian restaurant in Misumi, Hamada. Near Misumi city hall, you will find a lovely building which has a large triangular Japanese style roof. (You can also find it from halfway up Misumi central park.) You can use the beautiful triangular roof as your guide when you visit there. This restaurant has a homey atmosphere and there are five tables and a counter. If you sit at a counter seat when you go there alone, the staff will talk to you in friendly manner.

You can have lunch (11:30-13:30) and dinner (18:00-21:00) here. At lunchtime, there is curry, hamburger steak and so on. This restaurant serves not only delicious Italian dishes but also Japanese dishes. Most of the dishes have Japanese miso soup.

Hamburger steak set. (900 yen)

Today’s special (700 yen) 

The chef cooks many local foods so you can enjoy the local delicacies such as vegetables and sea food caught in local area. At night, you can have a special course and Italian wine. They are delicious and most of them are less than 1000 yen. My recommendation is today’s special and it is only 700 yen! You can have a special lunch offer that changes from day to day so you’ll enjoy a lot of dishes.

 The mannager is very kind and friendly and she knows a lot about this area. If you ask something about a place in Misumi in Japanese, she will answer your questions. If she doesn’t know, she has many friends who work at tourist spots so she’ll call them and get helpful information for you.


MARUCO (マルコ)

TEL: 0855-32-0627

ADRESS: 1195 Misumi Misumicho Hamadacity  (浜田市三隅町三隅1195)

OPEN: 11:30-13:30 (Lunch), 18:00-21:00 (Dinner)     CLOSE: Mondays

16 seats, 10 parking spaces

 中国新聞: (Japanese only)


Isseiro (一声楼)

On the second floor of Maruco is a Japanese style hotel run from Meiji era in Misumi. You can enjoy Iwami’s seasonal food in a Japanese Tatami room. There is a courtyard and a pond. Of course, you can stay at this hotel! You can stay here for 7,350 yen a night (include 2 meals) per head. If you don’t need dinner and breakfast, it costs only 4,725 yen to stay overnight.


Isseiro (一声楼)

ADRESS: 1195 Misumi Misumicho Hamadacity  (浜田市三隅町三隅1195)

TEL: 0855-32-0006 / FAX: 0855-32-0627

OPEN: 11:30-14:00, 17:30-(Last order: 20:00)    CLOSE: Mondays

10 parking spaces


 (Japanese only)




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