Hamada: Cafes in Hamada

Cafe Michele

Hamada has lots of good places to eat such as cafés or restaurants. “Café Michele” is popular for its delicious food, drinks and its relaxing atmosphere. It is called a “café” but it also offers French food for lunch and a bar at night. For lunch, “Café Michele” offers daily special menu so we can enjoy different dishes day by day. At night time, it changes to a bar and we can enjoy cocktails, beer and wine. Of course we can have tea or coffee with cakes and ice cream in the afternoon. Also, Café Michele offers many interesting events such as French lessons, English lessons, short live concerts, introducing antique books and so on. Language lessons (English and French) include breakfast. If you are interested in talking to people from overseas or just want to have an informal lesson, why don’t you try this? Also, they sometimes have short live concert. How about enjoying a wine or cocktail with a romantic live music?

“Café Michele”
*Tel: 0855-23-6422
*Address: 1411-5, Souai-cho, Hamada city
*Access: 5 minutes walk from Hamada station (681m from the station)
*Store hours: TUE-WED 11:00~17:00/ THU-SUN 11:00~22:00/ MON closed
*Events: French lesson (and breakfast)\1,000
*Average budget: LUNCH \1,000~1,999/DINNER \2,000~2,999
*Reservation: you don’t have to reserve a table but it’s a great idea on the weekend
*No Smoking
*Parking: space for three cars
*Private party is available
*Take out is available


Namakemono Cafe

For having a cup of coffee, “Namakemono Cafe(ナマケモノ珈琲)” is one of the best places. Entering the shop, the fantastic smell of coffee welcomes you and this store is sparsely designed to make us feel relaxed. They have many kinds of coffee. The owner grinds and roasts the coffee beans every day. The shop has a counter seat so that customer can enjoy chatting with the owner. As a gift, you can buy fair trade chocolate here.
*Tel: 0855-22-0066
*Address: Aioi-Cho 3846, Hamada City
*Access: 10 minutes walk or 2 minutes drive from Hamada station (736m)
It is located along the route 186
*Store hours: 10:00~20:00/ SUN, public holiday 10:00~19:00
WED closed
*Average budget: under 1000 yen
*Reservation: available
*Private party: available (maximum 20 people)
*Parking lot:space for a few cars
*Credit card: not accepted
*Blog: Namakemono coffee …Japanese blog



“Cafeggeno” is a famous café in Hamada. It is located next to the onsen, Kintano-sato (きんたの里). It has the beautiful interior decoration. It also has outside tables so you can enjoy your food in nature on sunny days. The most recommended dish is “rice omelet”. It is made from fertilized eggs produced in Kanagi-cho. Its soft egg with sauce attracts visitors. During summer cold penne carbonara is recommended. Next to cafeggeno, there is a Kuwanoki(くわの木) where you can see the making of Iwami kagura masks and cloths, traditional to Shimane.
*Tel: 0855-42-2820
*Address: Shimokihara1546, Kanagi-cho, Hamada
*Access: Take route 186 and follow signs for Kinta no sato
*Store hours: 11:00~20:00/ WED closed
*Average budget: \1,000~\1,999
*Homepage : cafeggeno

more detail about cafeggene is here


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