Snacking in Iwami Ginzan


There are so many Cafes and restaurants. Many people who visit there walk for silver mine and many of them want to have some snacks. So cafes and restaurant is popular because they become hungry after walk or riding bike. In the neighboring area of Iwami Ginzan, there are so many Cafés, restaurants, and so on, and it’s impossible to visit all the place at one time. A lot of cafes have many umique menus to make difference between other Cafes. For example, we can have Ohagi-bread and Yomogimochi-bread at Nakamura bakery. And at Dangoya Ogin we can have Dnago with umeboshi-sauce. Umeboshi is made by Japanese apricot but it’s sour. You can also enjoy Dandgo with azuki (Japanese traditional sweet beans) and kinako (the powder of the soy beans and suger) and so on. Green tea is free and you can buy souvenirs. And at café Nobosemon we can have Curry and rice with Umeboshi and beef donburi (a kind of Japanese traditional food, something like egg, vegetables, meat and so on are on the rice and eat with these). It’s delicious. Please try. The performer cat Kimuchi is also famous. He lives in the Gungendo and he always on the stage. He is famous as a performer and some people are looking forward to seeing him!

Cafe Nobosemon

Phone number: 0854-89-0550

Address: ha-115, Omori-cho (town), Oda-shi(city), Shimane-ken(prefecture)

Business time: 10:30~18:00 (Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday 10:00~)

Nakamura bakery

Phone number: 0854-89-0002

Address : ha91-4, Omori-cho (town), Oda-shi (city), Shimane-ken(prefcture)

Business time: 10:00~17:00


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