Restaurant TOKI

In this district, traditional old houses are arranged along the road and nature can be seen everywhere. On the main street in Yunotsu, there are several restaurants. This page features one of the nicest restaurants TOKI. As you walk along the street, you can see a wooden signboard on which the restaurant’s name ‘TOKI’ is written by hand.

The building is a traditional Japanese house that used to be a watch store run by the owner’s grandparents.

A big old clock on the pillar is actually not working and there is a small memo attached to the clock saying “It’s not working. Please take your time without any time pressure.” This is why the restaurant is named TOKI, time in Japanese.

When you step into the restaurant, you see the store has some pretty accessories, bags, ornaments and many other things. The owner makes some of them herself and you can buy them if you want.

An example of the Daily special with dessert-¥980

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner 5 days a week. You may also enjoy it as a cafe in between meal times.
Daily Special with dessert-¥980
Sashimi dish-current price
Milk Kuzumochi-¥350 (Kuzumochi are Japanese cakes made of kudzu starch)
Handmade cheese cake-¥400 (offer takeout)
Dinner is only available for groups of 5 people. You can order it to suit your budget.
Daily special-¥1500
Sashimi dish-current price
Non alcohol-¥280~
Deep fried tofu-¥450
Japanese omlet-¥390
Green soybeans-¥300
French fried potatos-¥350
Gizzard + vinegar with grated radish-¥450
Fried chicken-¥500

The restaurant serves homemade rice. The rice is sun-dried. This traditional style of preparing rice takes more time than usual, bringing out the best flavors of the rice. In addition, they use local farm milk and kudzu starch and homemade syrup from brown sugar. The owner is dedicated to use local foods. This is one of the many reasons why people love this restaurant’s natural taste.
If you have any allergies or if there are any foods you don’t like, feel free to ask, they are very kind and will likely prepare something special to meet your needs.

Restaurant TOKI
Address: ロ-13-2 Yunotsu, Yunotsu Cho, Ohda City, Shimane, Japan
Tel: 0855 6532 49
Business hour: 11:30~16:00
Closed: Monday/Tuesday (the following day if a public holiday falls on Monday/Tuesday)

by Kaori


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