Seisui Temple

Seisui temple ( 清水寺 )

It takes about 30min by foot from Omori bus stop. TEL:0854-89-0129

Seisui temple was made in the Empress Suiko’s era ( 592-628 ). At that time, this temple was called Amaike temple ( 天池寺 ), and it was situated at the top of Senno mountain ( 仙ノ山 ). In 798, it was moved to Shimizudani area. This is why, the name was changed to Seisui temple.The feudal lords who exploited Iwami Ginzan have faith in Seisui Temple. Seisui temple has a important cultural preperty ” 辻ヶ花染丁字文胴服( tsujigahanazome-chojimondouhuku )”. It’s housed in Tokyo National Museum. It was given by Tokugawa Ieyasu and looks like a kimono ( kimono is a Japanese traditional cloth.) In Seisui temple, there are beautiful paintings on the roof. If you want to go there, by bicycle is better that by foot. And you can go there after visiting Ryugenji-mabu. It is easy because you just go downhill.


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