Hashi beach

Hashi beach is a very popular beach in  the Iwami region. This beach is located in Iwami Seaside Park.

From Aquas, you can get to the beach by crossing a pedestrian overpass called Hashi Tower. It takes only a few minutes! You can also walk to the beach from Hashi station. The sunsets from this beach are spectacular. It’s a perfect way to finish off a visit to the aquarium.

Of course you can swim in the sea in summer. This beach opens in the middle of July every year and the sea is shallow for some distance from the shore so it’s good for families with children. But camping, wind surfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, fireworks and BBQ are forbidden to protect nature.

Shower—– 200 yen for 2 minutes.  (Make sure you have change!)

  • Changing rooms—– free
  • Parking lot fee per day in peak season—- 200 spaces

*1000 yen for a car
*1500 yen for a minibus
*2000 yen for a bus
*100 yen for a motorcycle


Hashi beach (波子海岸)

Address: Hashi Gotsu Shimane 699-3161
(〒699-3161 島根県江津市波子町)
Tel: 0855-52-0534

Open: Middle of July ~Middle of August

(Written by Emi )


One Response to Hashi beach

  1. Yoko Benson says:

    Thanks for creating a Hashi Beach page in English. I was able to share my hometown info with my friends in Facebook!

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