Dosanko (noodle restaurant)


West of Hamada, there is a ramen restaurant called “Dosanko”. This restaurant is a chain shop, so there are many shops in other prefectures. “Dosanko” means people in Hokkaido. So the original shop of Dosanko in in Hokkaido. You can enjoy ramen which is popular in Hokkaido, like Miso ramen, and also other ramen like curry ramen and soy sauce ramen. I recommend the “Half ramen set”. Included is a small salad, half size bowl of ramen, a small dish of rice, and one more dish. The price of this menu is reasonable (It is 730 yen). I recommend this especially for women.

Driving on Route 9, you can see this restaurant. There is a big name board outside the restaurant. So you can’t miss it. The outside appearance is like a  wooden cottage


Adress: 88-3 I Chiwacho Hamada Shimane

Tel: 0855-27-2627 (Japanese only)

Open: 11:00~21:30

Closed: on Wednesday  in the second week and the fourth week

Parking lots: There is a large parking lot next to the restaurant.

(written by Yui)


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