In Tsuwano, it’s good to use bicycle to visit many places. It’s very popular so in long vacation a lot of people rent bicycle. Kamai store owns 300 bicycle and almost all of them are rented then. We can rented a bicycle for 500 yen for 2 hours. You can extend this time for 100 yen per hour. But if you rent it for a day, you need only 800 yen. Please pay attention to the closing time of the rental shop.

Kamai store

Address:i-49-6, Ushiroda, Tsuwano-cho(town), Kanoashi-gun (county), Shimane

Tell: 0856-72-0342

Shop hours: 8:00~19:00

note: in front of the Tsuwano station, one minute walk from the station

Tachibana cycle

Address: i-269-1, Matida, Tsuwano-cho (town), Kanoashi-gun (county), Shimane

Tell: 0856-72-1154

Shop hours: 8:00~17:00

Auto cycle Oniwa

Address: ro93-3, Ushiroda, Tsuwano-cho (town), Kanoashi-gun (county), Shimane

Tell: 0856-72-0466

Shop hours:8:00~18:00

Ogai village Hurusato

Address: ro77-1, Morimura, Tsuwano-cho (town), Kanoashi-gun (county), Shimane

Tell: 0856-72-1860

Shop hours:8:00~17:00

notes: It’s near the Ogai Mori’s house. You can buy souvenirs and have some food.


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