Ten Ten (noodle restaurant)

外観 うどん 天ぷら





Tenten is an Udon (Japanese noodle) restaurant. It is located in the in front of “上朝日町(Kamiasahi-cho)” bus stop.

This restaurant is like a self-service buffet. First, after you enter you order noodles. Second, you choose side menu items like tempura, rice balls and so on. There are many kinds of side menu items, so it’s fun to choose many different items. After you pick out your side menu items, you pay for your whole meal. Finally, you pick up your complete meal with noodles when your order is called.

Also, when you are done with the meal, don’t forget to take your plate to the return area.

I recommend this restaurant because you can enjoy many kinds of side menu items and it’s cheap!

うどん 写真



TEL: 0855-23-1925 (Japanese only)

Opening hour 11:00~15:00

Holiday: every Wednesday

(written by Eri)



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