Walks around Arifuku

Upon entering the village, Arifuku’s big gate greets you with the sign ‘Welcome to Arifuku-onsen’.  Arifuku is a small town, easily enjoyed on foot in a few hours. But it’s in the mounatins and in winter, it’s very cold so plan to wear warm clothes when visiting.

Arifuku is famous for its hot springs, discovered about 1,300 years ago. The clear water is said to be good for your skin. In Arifuku, there are three public bathhouses. You can also enjoy the hot springs in one of the private bathhouses or local inns.

When strolling around town, you can often see steam rising from the hot springs in many beautiful places.

The aged stone steps and traditional Japanese architecture can be enjoyed in a row of old houses and streets, reminiscent of the Japanese Showa era. The houses built in the Showa era, from 1926 to 1989, are slightly different from other traditional Japanese houses.

For example, Gozen-yu, one of the public hot springs, was built in 1930. It’s  retro Western-style typifies  the architectural characteristics of that era. The arched windows, tiled walls and roofs are attractive. Additionally, Gozen-yu has a sign in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean to make it easy to find for many tourists.

Café Arifuku is another charming new stop. The interior is very fashionable and the food is great. You can enjoy many kinds of sandwiches with burdock, as well as curry and rice. You can also buy many kinds of bread to take home.

(by Yuki)


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