Public Onsen

Japanese people love hot springs very much. You might be embarrassed to take off your clothes in public but you will have an unforgettable experience. Bring or buy a small towel to protect your modesty as you walk from the changing room to the water, if you must! The towel should not touch the water so fold it on your head, if you have good balance, or leave it in a dry area at the side of the bath.

Arifuku onsen was found by a priest about 1350 years ago. This old  hot spring resort has been loved by local people and tourists for long time. The three onsens below are open all year round. That is why, this hot spring village is always bustling with people from every part of Japan. There are no towels in a bath. You have to take one by yourself or buy one at the reception desk. Also some restaurants and stores sell towels.

These three onsens have medical benefits for the treatment of neuralgia, muscular pains, arthritis , sprains , fatigue and so on. The alkalinity  of the water will help these conditions.

御前湯 – Gozen Yu –

7 am – 9: 30 pm     0855-56-3353 (Japanese only)

Adult (Over 12 ) : ¥300   Child : ¥100

Gozen Yu is perhaps the most famous hot spring in Arifuku. It is known as a silky-smooth skin care spa, dating back to 651. This public onsen building has the atmosphere of Taisho Period.  An elderly woman welcomes you at the door and there is a ticket machine on the right side of the entrance where you should pay for your bath. A large blue curtain is hung at the entrance to the Men’s bath. On the other side , a red one is the sign for the Women’s bath.

This onsen also has a family bath. If the user pays ¥1000, he or she can use a medium-sized bath for one hour. The bathtub is a little bit deep. Be careful if you take a bath with little children.

The hot water is not potable. It was closed temporarily due to a fire which occurred on August 8th  2010 in the morning. Sadly, several buildings were razed and you may still be able to see some empty lots when you visit.

さつき湯 – Satsuki Yu –

7 am – 9: 30 pm     0855-56-3353 (Japanese only)

Adult (Junior high student) : ¥ 300   Child : ¥ 100

Satsuki Yu is behind the main parking lot. The temperature of the water in this onsen is 41 degrees centigrade. Again, this hot water is not good for drinking. Satsuki Yu was reconstructed 20 years ago. For this reason this bath is completely equipped with showers.

やよい湯 – Yayoi Yu –

7 am – 9: 30 pm     0855-56-3353 (Japanese only)

Adult (Over 12 years old) : ¥ 300    Child : ¥ 100

Yayoi Yu was originally built as a two-story building in 1914. But after 24 years later, this public onsen was destroyed by the fire. Most of the building was rebuilt after the great fire.

No other hot spring is more tepid than this one. This onsen operates an honor system for payment. Please put your money in the box. The bathtub is really small. For these reasons, tourists do not visit here very often. In other words, Yayoi Yu is mainly for local people.



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