Kinta no Sato ( hot spring and restaurant)

This attraction is at Kanagi in Hamada. There are some places to relax such as hot spring, a restaurant and a break room. You can enjoy eating local food from the sea or mountains. A variety of events is held each season and you can watch traditional performances of Hamada.

~Kinta no Yu~(きんたの湯)
Open 10:00 ~ 22:00
If you visit Kinta no Sato, you should use this hot spring. You can relax both your mind and body. It’s a great way for relieving stress. There is also a ‘mist sauna’ here. It is less stressful than a traditional hot sauna. This hot spring contains ‘radon’. It is said that radon forestalls aging and adds years to life.
Older than Junior high school – 600 yen
Junior high school
& elementary school – 250 yen
babies – free

Coupon – 5500 yen(11 times)
10:00~22:00 (Last entry – 21:00)

Fuki no tou~ (ふきのとう)
In this restaurant, you can enjoy eating good, healthy meals which use local seasonal food. It also use natural seasoning.


In this place, you can have a nice time to talk. You can also eat local food under the theme of “eating local products” There is a full course meal recommended by master chef.

Kinta no Sato has a courtyard with a terrace and an outdoor stage. And you sometimes can attend events or watch traditional performance “Kagura”

Kinta no Ashi~(きんたの足)

There is new foot therapy room. You can get a foot massage here, enjoying the scent of aroma oil. On the web site, you can get more information or information about health.
Website –

This place has other places such as store, accommodation and a relaxing corner.
In this store, you can buy ham and sausages, jam, pickle or miso and “wasabi” There are also indigenous product and art work from Kanagi.

You can use also a space which has massagers. Relaxing corner with tatami mat has a Explain. Why don’t you use these places when you want to have a break or after taking a bath?

If you stay, you can choose between Japanese room and Western room. However there is only one Western room and you can share it with only one or two people.
Room rates (half board)
Japanese room (13 rooms)
・Weekday: 9450 yen
・Holiday and a day before holiday : 10500 yen
・Golden Week (29 April to 7 May roughly)・bon holiday ・New year’s holiday: 11550 yen
Western room
・Weekday: 10500 yen
・Holiday and a day before holiday: 11550 yen
・GW・bon holiday ・New year’s holiday: 12600 yen
*It added 150 yen as hot-spring taxes to above fee.
*Elementary school students can stay with 30% off.

Kinta no Sato Hot spring
Open from 10a.m. to 10p.m.
TEL:0855-42-3555 E-mail
〒697-0123  イ980 street 1 Kanagi town, Hamada city, Shimane Prefecture.

(Written by Tomoharu)


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