Miro Bakery

ゼミ ケイン

Miro is a bakery in Hamada city. A pleasant smell emanates from it every day. It is diagonally opposite Hamada station, under the HAMADA station hotel. People of all ages go there. People, who buy bread, can eat it here or take it out. People can drink coffee and juice with their bread. Miro is adjoined to “New Port”, a café and restaurant. So, you can have lunch and eat parfait, too. Popular items include “Marugoto apple pie” and “Kouign amann.” “Marugoto apple pie” means a whole apple pie. It differs from general apple pies because it contains a quarter of an apple, instead of 1-inch squares. Kouign amann is a western confectionery. It is very sweet croissant dough. Also, “Anpan” is popular in Miro. There are many kinds of bread and sandwiches. Why don’t you come?


Information  for “Miro” and “New Port”

*Tel: 0855-22-8111 (Japanese only)

*Address: 64-1, Asai-cho, Hamada city

*Access: 3 minutes walk from Hamada station. Come out of the main exit, walk towards the clock: it’s on the left, on the corner next to the traffic signals.

*Store hours: 7:00~19:00

*Average budget: 90~200 yen *Reservation: If you want to buy a lot of bread, you have to make reservations

*No Smoking

*Parking: next to HAMADA station hotel

(Written by Hitomi.)


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