Gelateria Café Mui

Gelateria Mui  is a local company in Shimane, run by Six Produce.

Six Produce is a local dairy company. They put cows out to pasture, pasteurize their milk in the factory located next to the stock farm, and sell many products made with their milk at Gelateria Café Mui.

You can enjoy their pasteurized, non-homogenized, additive-free fresh milk, home-made soft cream, gelato, cakes and so on, all of which are made by using their fresh milk. Since it’s additive-free and non-homogenized, the milk is mild and has a natural taste. You can enjoy the real taste of milk, which you cannot easily get in the super market.

Their soft cream contains 80% of their fresh milk so it is very milky and really tasty.The soft cream is also additive-free, so it’s very mild you can enjoy the taste of fresh milk.

They have several flavors of gelato and they use many fresh ingredients such as yuzu (an aromatic citron) from the local Shimane area, tea, citrus depressa, and organic ginger from all over the country. It makes their gelato extra good and makes it possible to enjoy natural color, aroma, flavor which flavoring or paste cannot produce.

They also have gratin, cheesecake, sake lees pound cake, roll cake, milk chiffon cake, cremacotta with soy sauce caramel on top, pannacotta with yuzu jelly, etc.

If you are keen to buy, you can order some of their products from an online shop at:

【Business hours】 Main store 10:30 am~6:00 pm (Extended summer hours)
【Regular Holiday】 Irregular
【Parking】 Over 30 spaces (car)・ Coach parking availability
【How to Access】 Click here to visit their website
【Contact】 3119-3  Yakami  Ochigun Onancho, Shimane 696-0103 Japan 3119-3
TEL:0855-95-0118 ( Japanese only) FAX:0855-95-0136

Six Produce Co Ltd

3119-3  Yakami  Ochigun Onancho, Shimane 696-0103 Japan 3119-3
TEL:0855-95-0118  ( Japanese only) FAX:0855-95-0136



2 Responses to Gelateria Café Mui

  1. Eleanor Kane says:

    I went here yesterday and tried the Cremacotta with soy sauce flavoured carmel and it was heaven, sheer heaven!

  2. Jason says:

    Wow – an entry I didn’t check, so I didn’t know about this place. But I want to go!! It sounds delicious!!

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