In front of Kintano sato, there is a café which has a gorgeous glassed-in wall. It is a popular cafe in Hamada, which serves delicious omelets containing fried rice.

 It has a high ceiling and the interior design is wonderful. (I think this is a good place for a girls’ night out!) There are six tables and 15 seats in the building and some seats on the terrace. From inside the building, you can see a beautiful view of mountains through the windows. When it is sunny, you can enjoy taking a walk behind the cafe.

 The omelet is made of fertilized eggs raised in Iwami Fukushikai in this area. It is soft and so delicious. When you open the omelet with a spoon, the soft-baked part of it flows from the top. There are four kinds of omelet and the price is pretty reasonable (600 yen~). They also serve rizotto and you can choose your favorite from three flavors (550 yen~). Pasta is the recommended dish of Cafeggeno and its noodle are homemade (500 yen~). So you will enjoy the difference between the pasta you often eat.

 Coffee and cappuccino are also popular in this cafe. The coffee is made by using Macchinetta mocha.


When you order a cup of cappuccino, may have lovely art on the foam! Of course, the taste is really good! (When I went I only ordered one and the kind owner brought free coffee for my parents too!)

There are other choices of drink, for example, teas imported from India, Sri Lanka and Britain, soft drinks and smoothies. How about having a rest at Cafeggeno after taking a bath in Kintano sato?


Cafeggeno (カフェジーノ)

TEL: 0855-42-2820

ADDRESS: 1546 Shimokurubara Kanagi Hamada, Shimane


Open: 11:00am~8:00pm

Close: Wednesdays (Japanese only)


Work Shop Kuwanomi (桑の実工房)

Next to Cafeggino in the same building, there is a shop which produces Shifuori (紙布織り). Shifuori which this shop sells are made from Sekishu-Washi, a traditional industrial art in this area.

 If you are interested in making traditional paper activity, how about trying it? You can watch how to make Shifuori and also experience making it (500 yen) at Work Shop Kuwanomi!

Most of the designs of their products symbolize seasonal flowers. Handmade goods from here would make nice souvenirs for your friends or yourself!


 Work Shop Kuwanomi (桑の実工房)

TEL: 0855-42-1782

ADDRESS: 1546 Shimokurubara Kanagi Hamada, Shimane


Open: 8:30am~5:30pm

Close: on Saturdays, Sundays and third Wednesdays

Work Shop Kuwanomi: (Japanese only)

Iwami Fukushikai:  (Japanese only)  


written by Emi Y


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