Kanagi: Fukinotou


Restaurant FUKINOTOU

~ in Kinta no sato ~

Place: Shitijou イ980-1, Kanagi-tyo, Hamada, Shimane. ( 島根県浜田市金城町七条イ980-1 )

Time: 10:00~21:00 ( close 22:00 )

Holiday: Third Wednesday

TEL: 0855-42-3555

Restaurant Fukinotou is in Kinta no sato ( きんたの里 ). Mainly, you can enjoy Japanese style dishes here. The pictures show Kaisenn-teishoku ( 海鮮定食 ) or the seafood set meal and Shougayaki-teishoku ( ショウガ焼き定食 ) or the pork and ginger set meal. Both dishes are very good. And you can also have a free salad bar. These vegetables are grown in Kanagi. So, they are very fresh and tasty. In Kinta no sato, there are hot springs and sauna. Why don’t you take a hot spring after you enjoy lunch ?


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