Otome Chapel

Tsuwano Catholic Church

There is an interesting church on Tonomachi (殿町) Street in Tonomachi district. It takes about 8 minutes on foot from Tsuwano station, 15 minutes from the castle ruins. Tonomachi Street used to have many samurai residents a long time ago, so you can see some of their houses. In the canals in this area, there are many colored carp. The carp in Tsuwano were first kept in the irrigation in the period from the 17th century to the 19th century. “Tsuwano Catholic Church” This church was built in 1892 by a German ヴェケレー. It was burnt down in 1931 but it was rebuilt the next year. Inside the church, there are beautiful stained glass windows. “Otome Chapel festival” (on 3rd May every year) is start from here. The most interesting thing is that this church has tatami instead of chairs. Also, there are 12 pictures of Jesus Christ which tell a story from the Bible. Why don’t you try Japanese tatami style in this church?

*Tel: 0856-72-0251 *Open assembly time: 8:00~17:30 (November ~ March 8:00~17:30) *Free entrance fee, the church is open 365 days a year *about parking area

 ○Otome Chapel (乙女峠)

*Free entrance fee

It takes about 15 minutes on foot from Tsuwano station. In Otome path, there is Otome chapel which was built in 1851. In Japan, after restoration of Imperial power in 1868, Japan’s feudal government made a policy to prevent people from having faith in Christ. Then, 153 people of Christians in durance here. Around that time, Tsuwano clan study about Shinto religion (神道) hardly, and were famous for that study among in Japan. So, Japan’s feudal government hated any other religion and tried to clear away Christianity or other religions. Scholar of Tsuwano clan, Fukuba Bisei (福羽美静) headed the project to inhibit Christian faith . But it was not working, so Japanese government dropped the boom and killed Christians. This chapel is built to commemorate for these people who were killed by Japan’s feudal government at that time. Nowadays, Otome festival (乙女祭り) takes place on March 3rd every year. This church is said to be the only place in Japan where the Virgin Mary appeared. You can learn about that cruel history which happened in Japan at this chapel.



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