Karaku Italian restaurant


There’s an Italian restaurant called Karaku in Konya machi. It opened in 2013, but its owner studied cooking in Italy for 5 years. The restaurant is decorated like a restaurant in Italy. They specialize in Italian food, such as  spaghetti, steak, pumpkin or cream pottage.

If you go with friends, I recommended ordering a course, such as the dinner course (¥3000)or lady’s course (¥2500), which includes an appetizer like carpaccio, dinner (include salad, bread, mutton chops or fried fish, etc), dessert and original Italian coffee. Besides, the owner would use the freshest vegetables to create new dishes. It’s kind of fun to taste the owner’s hand-made special food.

The restaurant is not so big, so it’s better to book a seat before you go there.

Address: 60 Konya machi, Hamada city

Tel: 0855-22-0903 ( Japanese only)

Opening time: 11:00~14:00, 17:00~22:00

Fixed holiday: Monday

IMG_3752    IMG_3746IMG_3745IMG_2943aIMG_3751    IMG_3750IMG_3749


Reviewed by Etsu


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