Rakanji Temple

Gohyaku-Rakan, Rakanji/Money pond


Gohyaku-Rakan and Rakanji, the Shingon Buddhism temple, they were built in 1776 to hold a memorial service for miners. There are about 500 Jizos (statues) in three caves. All statues looked lively, they seemed to have emotions. The statues were well-preserved because they are protected by the caves.

Money pond:

This pond is called “Benzaiten-Ike. If you wash your coins in this pond, you’ll be lucky with money!! Benzaiten is the Japanese name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati. You can toss a coin into this pond.




Gohyaku-Rakan/Rakanji, Shimane prefecture, Oda city, Omori-cho I-804

TEL / FAX:0854-89-0005

Hours of opening: 9:00 ~ 17:00, closed irregularly.

Admission fee: 500yen (adult), 300yen (children)

Taking pictures in the caves is prohibited.

HP: http://www.rakanji.jp/index.html


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