Hot springs in Tsuwano

Tsuwano Onsen Nagominosato

Nagominosato is in the road side station which is located on Hagi-Tsuwano Station Line (萩津和野停車場線) called “Tsuwabuki Highway”. Nagominosato has two hot springs. One is called Danran and the other is Asagirinoyu. Danran is a bathhouse for families but it still follows the Japanese style of nude bathing. When you visit there with your family, Danran is one choice to enjoy the bath. In Asagirinoyu, there is a Japanese-style bathhouse and a Western-style bathhouse. The Japanese-style bathhouse has a large hot bath, barrel bath, far-infrared radiation sauna and cold bath. The Western-style bathhouse has a large hot bath, Jacuzzi, mist sauna and waterfall shower. You can enjoy a seasonal bath twice a month, such as a lemon bath in August and apple bath in October. These baths are good for people who suffer from neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, stiff shoulders, bruise.


Tsuwanoonsen Nagominosato (津和野温泉なごみの里)

Onsen Asagirinoyu (温泉あさぎりの湯)

TEL: 0856-72-4122 FAX: 0856-72-4170

ADRESS: 256 I-Washibara Tsuwano (津和野町鷲原イ256)

10:00am~21:00pm (closed on Thursdays)

Admission fee: 600yen/ adult, 350yen/ child

URL: (Japanese) 


Tsuwanoonsenjuku Wataya (Inn)

Go south for 500 meters, you can see a five- story building on your left. That’s Tsuwanoonsenjuku Wataya. It has unique baths. There are outdoor bath, Tatami bath, footbath and private bath. The outdoor bath is located on 18 meters above the ground, so guests can bathe while seeing the night sky at night and the morning fog in the morning. In the Tatami bath, the space next to the bathtub for washing the body is covered with a tatami mat and you can wash your body with soap on the tatami mat! From Hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath, you can enjoy the view of the whole town and the illuminated Catholic Church is beautiful. There is a footbath in a Japanese garden in the building. Even if you don’t stay at Wataya, you can take the footbath. Chikutouan is a private bath for the guests who stay at Wataya and you can use for free if you reserve. These bathes are good for the people who suffer from neuralgia, muscular pain, stiff shoulder, hemorrhoids and poor circulation.


Tsuwanoonsenjuku Wataya (津和野温泉宿 わた屋)

TEL: 0856-72-0333 FAX: 0856-72-1543

ADRESS: 82-3 Ro-Ushiroda Tsuwano(津和野町後田ロ82-3)

URL: (Japanese)





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