Aquas ( aquarium)

The aquarium is one of the largest in Western Japan, and houses over 10,000 sea creatures, in addition to a large group of penguins. Don’t miss the shark tunnel and the huge turtle. There are also shows featuring ‘bubble rings’  as performed by the nationally famous  beluga. The seals and sea-lions perform simple tricks too in return for fish. And penguin feeding time is a good chance to learn about the lifestyles of several varieties of these interesting birds. Overseas visitors can borrow a recorded guide to the Aquarium in English, Russian, or  Chinese. The sound switches on automatically when you stand in front of a tank.

If you book the “backyard tour”–a kind of behind the scenes look at the aquarium–in advance, you can see inside this tank from the top. They also do sleepovers at the aquarium for parents and kids in the summer vacation. Check the details on their webpage.

You can buy soft toys of every type of marine creature in the gift shop and also stock up on Shimane souvenirs such as cookies, sake, and pottery.

The adventure playground behind the aquarium is the largest in Japan and also has a small amount of play equipment for kids in wheelchairs. There are plenty of changing and feeding places if you are bringing a small child. You can even borrow a baby buggy from reception. After the kids tire of the park and aquarium, there’s also the beach.

A great day out for the family. And a popular dating spot too.


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