Special products in Kanagi

In Kanagi, there are many special products. Most of these goods use local ingredients. Horseradish products are famous in Kanagi. Horseradish (wasabi) is a famous flavoring in Japan. It’s the green spicy stuff you find in your sushi. For wasabi to grow, clear and clean water is needed. Kanagi makes wasabi products using wasabi which grow in the Chugoku Mountains (中国山地). You can try wasabi pickles and wasabi sushi. Wasabi sushi is rolled sushi with wasabi leaves. You can buy both products at Nishitani-shoten (西谷商店) a store is near Kanagi Town museum of History and Folklore, on route 186.
You can also buy Kanagi Senbei (Senbei means rice cracker). It has milk, herbs and other flavors. They are hand made. These are sold at Miyamotofugetsudo (宮本風月堂) near Kanagi western riding park, on route 114.
Ham is also famous, from pigs raised in Kanagi. Those hams and sausages are served at pork restaurant Camborough in Hamada. You can also make sausages by yourselves at a factory in Kanagi.



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