Azemichi Rest House: The croquettes which won the NHK Gold award!!

Azemichi Rest House is an eating place. It takes about 8 minutes from Tsuwano station to Azemichi Rest House on foot and the restaurant is located near the convenience store, POPLA which is green. So, you can find it easily.


The restaurant is famous for “the croquettes which took the NHK Gold award”. It has Uzumemeshi”, which is the local dish of Tsuwano.

Image         Image

The popular items in this restaurant:
Croquette 150yen
Uzumemeshi 1000yen
Handmade soba noodles 700~900yen
Croquette set 600yen
and so on.


Phone number: 0856-72-1884 (Japanese only)
Ushirodakou64-2, Kanoashi County, Tsuwano town, Shimane prefecture

Nearest station: Tsuwano station

(written by Nori)


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