Misumi power station


Our life relies on thermal power and nuclear power for electricity. As you know, however a huge earthquake hit the north-east of Japan on March 11. Fukushima nuclear plant was hit by an enormous tsunami and it was utterly destroyed. We should understand our infrastructure more. This is why I visited power station this time.

The staff at the power station will show you how to generate electricity by using a small model. Boiled water makes steam and it moves a turbine. This is called a steam turbine. This spinning turbine generates electricity. After the demonstration, a clerk takes visitors around to show some facilities. There are many big, complicated machines.

This power station is a one of the largest in Japan. Power plant No. 1 is able to produce a million kilo watts of electricity.

The gasses caused by burning fossil fuels include carbon dioxide. Coal is burned here. These large quantities of coal are imported from overseas. Most of these coals are mainly from Australia. This company owns some ships. The tanker plying between Shimane and Australia is called 石洋 (Sekiyo). Misumi was called ‘Iwami (石見)’ in the Edo period. Pacific ocean is called 太平洋 in Japanese.  It takes two weeks to get there and back.

 As you know it is believed that an excessive amount of CO2 emissions is leading to global warming. This may eradicate not only human beings but also all of the creatures living on this planet. To avoid this situation, Misumi power plant is trying to protect the environment from destruction. For example they mix coal with small wood chips. One fourth of the area is green.

Misumi Power Station (中国電力株式会社 三隅発電所)

〒 699 – 3226


☎ 0855 – 32 – 2139  FAX 0855 – 32 – 2583




Open: 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

Closed: Every on Mondays, the year-end and New Year holidays

☎ 0855 – 32 – 3690   FAX 0855 – 32 – 3689

 They recommend making an appointment to be sure you can see round. And you will get a brochure and original goods. Visitors enjoy shopping at souvenir shop. Coals, traditional Japanese papers are sold here.

※15 minutes drive from 三保三隅駅

      5 minutes walk from 岡見駅


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