Tsuwano Festivals


“Tsuwano Yabusame Festival(流鏑馬まつり)”.
  It is held every second Sunday in April. Yabusame is a type of mounted archery and a traditional Japanese archery which has a long history. An archer on a running horse shoots arrows at the wooden target. First, during Heian period, there had been hourse-mounted in japan. Contest between mounted archers were commonplace but Yabusame as it practiced now was not known to people so much. It was first invented by Minamoto Yoritomo(源頼朝) as a way to his samurai to train and practice. Yabusame became less and less popular and finally disappeared but it was revived during the Edo period as a mental and spiritual discipline for samurai. Now, Yabusame is played as a festival game in many places in Japan including Tsuwano.
               Tel: 0856-72-0652,
      Fee: free,
               Parking area: There are no parking area. “Michinoeki(道の駅)” is available.

Gion Festival(祇園まつり)
  It is also famous in Tsuwano. Gion festival is held in Yasaka Shrine. Couples in white perform dances to music of bells, flutes and drums (This is called Sagi-mai) The couples in white costumes are followed by dance performances of young children and proceeding through Tonomachi street, around Tsuwano station and the city outskirts.
             Tel: 0856-72-0652,
             Place; around Tonomachi street
     Fee, free
             Parking area; There are no parking area. “Michinoeki(道の駅)” is available.

More Information is HERE


Aiko Hayashi


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