Accommodation in Yasaka

       Hamada City has amusing facilities to stay at in the village of Yasaka, which is the rural part of Hamada city.  As you know from the other blog posts about Yasaka, people can have many interesting experiences there.  In Furusato-Taiken-mura, people can stay at an old Japanese style house.  There are two Japanese houses at Taiken-mura.  Up to twenty two people can stay at one of the homes, and up to 20 at the other.  The accommodation charge is \4000 per adult, and \2000 per children, per night.  The houses include any equipment which you might need in the house, such as kitchen plates, appliances, utensils, etc.  Also, there are baths in the house.  Some people choose to go to nearby Furusato Kouryu-kan, where you can take a bath in a hot spring for the price of \400.  One of the interesting things at these older homes is the irori, which Japanese-style fireplaces located inside the houses.  Using irori, people can grill fishes or something to eat.  Additionally, there are five log houses in Taike-mura. It costs \2500 per person (over four years old).  One type of log house can accommodate up to eight people max and another one is six people max.  Log houses also have any equipment which you need in the house.  (The log house built for 6 people only includes a shower, but the eight people type has a bath inside.)  People can enjoy various types of activities in Yasaka throughout the year.  If you have a chance to visit Yasaka, why don’t you stay at these accommodations?




2 Responses to Accommodation in Yasaka

  1. Jason H says:

    Natsuki – why does the symbol for yen ¥ get changed to a slash (/) in your post? Other than that – nice post!

  2. natsukichi says:

    Thank you for your comment, Jason!
    I typed yen mark but it didn’t show up on screen…If I type yen mark here, it shows ( \ )…
    I don’t know why 😦

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