Hamakko Festival in August

Hamakko festival is the biggest festival in Hamada city. It is held every summer, at the beginning of August. Hamakko festival was started a long time ago  by  fisherman. It is a fisherman’s festival that evokes large hauls of fish and safe journeys on the ocean. Nowadays, people wear Yukata (Japanese traditional summer clothes) and enjoy food, fireworks and so on.

The main event of this festival is fireworks. More than five thousand fireworks are set off every year.

You can also enjoy some shows such as Iwami Kagura, the traditional dance in Iwami, dance performance by kids in Hamada and students from the University of Shimane.


There are a lot of food  stands at the festival such as takoyaki, fried chiken, fried potato, crushed ice, broiled squid and so on.You can enjoy not only foods but also many kinds of games at the stands. The most famous one is scooping goldfish.


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