Mori no Restaurant

This is an Italian restaurant in Gotsu. Since its opening in 2011, Mori no Restaurant has served Italian food. The concept behind the name of the restaurant ‘Mori no Restaurant’ is to give the sense of being in a ‘comfortable forest with various trees, Italian food, information and service’.
The restaurant has an open counter where you can watch the chef cook. Inside the restaurant, there are 38 seats including the 8 counter seats. Reservations for a private party are available (for 20 people).

Lunch time: 11am – 15pm
Coffee time: 15pm – 17pm
Dinner time: 18pm – 20pm (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Lunch time menu is:
pasta (set or just pasta)
pizza (set or just a pizza)
plate set

Pasta & pizza are available in four choices each, and they change every 3 weeks.

Pasta set… appetizer, focaccia, pasta and drink.
Pizza set… appetizer, soup, pizza and drink.
plate set… soup, focaccia, plate dish and drink.
Gelato (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana) +200 yen

Shrimp & broccoli cream sauce.

There is a magic word ‘Ohme de’ (多めで) which means ‘extra please!’ So, if you can eat more, try it. You can also reserve course dinner (3000 yen – 5000 yen). If you would you like to have a special dinner with special Italian food, please reserve 3 days in advance.
There is a small shop next to the restaurant. It sells household things, eggs from Kanagi Cho, cakes from Torteno etc.

Mori no Restaurant
Address: 1110-20 Gotsu cho, Gotsu city, Shimane
Tel: 0855 52 2822 (Japanese only)
Fax: 0855 52 2807
Business hour: 11:00 – 17:00 (11:00 – 20:00 [Fri, Sat & Sun])
Closed: Mondays and 3rd Sunday of every week…

(written by Kaori)


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